Best Of Bnn: A Look Back At Our Most Popular Pieces

BNN first launched in late March of 2020. Since then, our team has published over 150 articles despite “shutting down” twice for an extended period of time. We’ve had some bangers over the years. Below you will find our top articles by view count followed by a few extra editor picks. We’d like to thank you for your support. We didn’t know what to expect when we relaunched last week, but the response has been incredible.

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-The Editorial Team

Top Articles By View Count

  1. Pxie Facilitates Coordinated Verbal Assault On Autistic Congressional Candidate

    Our first “viral” article, it was shared rather widely on reddit and Twitter. Many criticized us for using Joshua’s autism against him in this hit piece, including Rem on Twitter who of course called us ableist.
  2. Destiny and Dario Team Up To Defend Kyle Rittenhouse

    It is rather surprising that this article did so well. It goes to show what a hot topic this was on Twitch and how much Destiny drives the narrative on the platform. The article did include clips of Nina Monei’s vicious attack on Destiny which probably drove a lot of traffic.
  3. Clinton Foundation Nukes Beirut To Cover Up Child Trafficking Crimes

    An article that had nothing to do with Twitch politics, but one that many of our loyal fans told us they enjoyed. The article went semi-viral on Facebook due to it being shared on many conservative pages. After the success of this pure conspiracy nonsense piece, Rareest Pepper and Gohndim considered spinning up a network of conservative “news” networks on Facebook to make some easy money.
  4. Destiny Endorses BNN, Calling Us “Alex Jones” Tier

    Back with Bastiat somewhat tolerated BNN, we pressured him into shouting us out during a conversation with Destiny. It was an immense honor for Destiny to compare us to Alex Jones. We work each day to ensure his opinion of us never changes.
  5. Twitch Lawyer Bastiat Shoots And Kills Immigrant In Miami Bar

    A true story through and through. While details of the case were kept under wraps, Bastiat undoubtedly got off due to his skin color and social status.
  6. We Are Back: Bastiat Sues BNN and Loses

    Bastiat talked with a real lawyer on stream and asked him how hard it is to sue organizations like BNN and The Onion for libel and defamation. The expert said its extremely hard so for any Twitch streamers reading this bring it.
  7. Dylan Burns Pronounced Dead

    The first article on the list since we relaunched last week, surprisingly Dylan shared it on Twitter. Unsure how he did so as he is dead, perhaps he willed his Twitter account to Katarana.

Editor’s Picks

  1. 15-Year Old Destroys Supposed Intelligence Analyst On China

    Coverage of Juice_cj’s performance on Imreallyimportant’s new streamer panel, Juice demolished Wicked Supreme and Dylan Burns. IRI deleted the vod, but many people saved it and BNN will upload it when the time is right.
  2. Bastiat Stays Up Late Chatting With Pornstar While Wife Sleeps Alone

    More or less a true article. although a short one.
  3. The Willing Cuckolds Of Twitch

    A timeless critique of panel hosts.
  4. Original Net Worth Article and Recent Updated Ranking

    The OG net worth rankings was our best performing article for some time. It was covered by many streamers and helped BNN gain wide exposure in the early days.

Again, thanks for reading. Its amazing to think about how much content BNN has produced over the years. We look forward to writing many more articles and we have some big plans for the future. Cheers.

-The BNN Editorial Team

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